10.28.10 Wisconsin Folk at the Gates of Heaven

10.22.10 The First Basement Show

10.9.10 Peter Wolf Crier

10.7.10 Riff Raff at Gates of Heaven

9.17.10 Pioneer House Show

9.10.10 WUD Gallery Jam with Julian Lynch

9.7.10 Birthdays+Vacation Dad House Show

9.3.10 Snake on the Lake//Maps & Atlases

8.28.10 BIG House Show

8.23.10 Young Man House Show

The DC Scene

8.14.10 WhyNotWausau?

8.4.10 The Dodos + New Pornographers at the Orpheum

7.25.10 Peter Wolf Crier at the Terrace

7.24.10 Daredevil Christopher Wright at the Terrace

7.22.10 UA Showcase: Pioneer, Feathe, Austin Hays, Myles Coyne

7.19.10 Bear in Heaven, Twin Sister, Mountain Man @High Noon

7.16.10 Strand of Oaks House Show

7.15.10 David Bazan House Show

7.6.10 UA Showcase: Wintertime Carousel, Arto, The Weather Duo, Castles

7.2.10 Alex Bleeker & the Freaks in Williamsburg

6.29.10 Paleo and Dovekins at ProLo

6.25.2010 Maps & Atlases at Strictly Discs

6.17.2010 Megafaun, Icarus Himself, Sam Quinn at High Noon Saloon

6.12.2010 Arto, Feathe, Animals in Human Attire

6.11.2010 A UA House Show

6.11.2010 Juniper Tar & Strand of Oaks at the Terrace

6.9.2010 Kenny Monroe shoot

6.3.2010 Laarks play Volume One’s “Sounds like Summer” concert series

5.30.2010 Peter Wolf Crier + The Daredevil Christopher Wright

5.29.2010 The Shouting Matches

5.29.2010 Volume One Kickball Classic

5.28.10 Feathe + Myles Coyne at Infinitea

5.28.2010 Feathe promo photo shoot

5.25.2010 Tallest Man on Earth in Milwaukee

5.17.2010 Urban Agrarian Launch Show at The Gates of Heaven Synagogue

5.14.2010 last prom on earth

5.8.2010 Nacho Cheese House Show

5.8.2010 the valley show


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