Absinthe & The Dirty Floors: @WhyNotWausau 8/14/10

Alex Bleeker & the Freaks: @Monster Island Basement in Williamsburg 7/2/10

Animals in Human Attire:@Lothlorian 12/3/10@House of Valdar 6/12/10, UA House Show 6/11/10

Arto : UA Showcase 7/6/10, @House of Valdar 6/12/10

Austin Hays (also see “Corcovado”): House Show 8/28/20 UA Showcase 7/22/10@ProLo 6/24/10, UA House Show 6/11/10, UA Launch Show 5/17/10

Bear in Heaven: @High Noon 7/19/10

Birthdays: House Show 9/7/10

The Blessed Broke: House Show 8/28/10

Blessed Feathers: @Gates of Heaven 10/28/10, Video: American Sands, Earthly Treason

Breathe Owl Breathe: @HNS 11/10/10

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps: @ the Terrace 7/23/10

Castles : UA Showcase 7/6/10, iChat with Cassidy J. David-Weber

Cedarwell: @ Gates of Heaven 10/28/10UA Launch Show 5/17/20, The Valley Show 5/8/10

Conrad Plymouth: @High Noon Saloon 10/9/10

Corcovado: @ProLo 11/13/10The First Basement Show 10/22/10, @Gates of Heaven 10/7/10, @ProLo 9/24/10

Dan Mitchell: @Gates of Heaven 10/28/10

The Daredevil Christopher Wright:  @WhyNotWausau? 8/14/10@ the Terrace 7/24/10@Grand Little Theater 5/30/10

David Wax Museum: @WSUM

Davyd Betchkal: Video

Dawes: @Daytrotter Codfish Hollow Barn 7/4/10

Dezdro: “The Saturday Night” Song

The Dodos: @Orpheum 8/4/10

The Donner Party: House Show 8/28/10

Dovekins: @ProLo 6/29/10

Farewell Milwaukee: @WhyNotWausau? 8/14/10

Farms: Nacho Cheese House Show 5/8/10

Feathe: UA Showcase 7/22/10,  @House of Valdar 6/12/10, @Infinitea 5/28/10, Promo Photo Shoot 5/28/10, Nacho Cheese House Show 5/8/10, The Valley Show 5/8/10

Frontier Ruckus: Top Albums of 2010, @HNS 11/10/10

GAYNGS: Top Albums of 2010,  @First Ave, Minneapolis 5/15/10, “Relayted” Album Review

The Heart Pills: Nacho Cheese House Show 5/8/10

Hurray for the Riff Raff: @Gates of Heaven 10/7/10

Icarus Himself: @High Noon 6/17/10, Interview 6/17/10

Incredible Fortress: Pre-Tour Basement Show 6/26/10

Jamie Yanda: The First Basement Show 10/22/10,  The Valley Show 5/8/10

Jeremiah Nelson: @High Noon Saloon 10/9/10

Jon Rath: “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found” Video

Julian Lynch: Top Albums of 2010, @ProLo 11/4/10UA Launch Show 5/17/10

Juniper Tar: UA House Show 6/11/10, @Terrace 6/11/10

Justin Vernon: Self Record Review

Kenny Monroe (also see “Pioneer”): “Summertime” VideoUA House Show 6/11/10, Photos by the Lake 6/9/10

Laarks: “Sounds Like Summer” Show 6/3/10

Maggie Shafer: House Show 8/28/10

Maps & Atlases: Top Albums of 2010@Snake on the Lake fest 9/3/10 @Strictly Discs 6/25/10

Megafaun: Top Albums of 2010@High Noon 6/17/10, Interview 6/17/10, Milwaukee Video 6/15/10

Meridene: @ProLo 11/13/10

Mountain Man: @High Noon 7/19/10

Myles Coyne: UA Showcase 7/22/10, Covering Wilco VideoUA House Show 6/11/10, @Infinitea 5/28/10, Practice 5/27/10

New Pornographers: @Orpheum 8/4/10

P.C. Allen: @ProLo 9/24/10

Paleo: Director’s Cut of “Half Empty” @ProLo 6/29/10 “Half Empty I Know the World is Half Full” Video 6/30/10

Peter Wolf Crier: Top Albums of 2010@High Noon Saloon 10/9/10@ the Terrace 7/25/10@Grand Little Theater 5/30/10

Pioneer: House Show 1/7/11, Photo Shoot @Mickey’s Tavern@Gates of Heaven 10/28/10, The First Basement Show 10/22/10House Show 9/17/10House Show 8/28/10 UA Showcase 7/22/10

Porcelain Grin: House Show 8/28/10

Real Estate: @Subterranean 7/18/10

S. Carey: “In the Dirt” Review

Sam Doores & the Tumbleweeds: @Gates of Heaven 10/7/10

Sam Quinn: @High Noon 6/17/10

Sharon Van Etten: Top Albums of 2010

The Shouting Matches: @Chippewa Valley Rock’n’Roll Kickball Classic 5/29/10

Small Houses: Video: “Late July”

Steev Baker: @Gates of Heaven 10/28/10

Strand of Oaks: Madison House Show 7/16/10UA House Show 6/11/10, @Terrace 6/11/10

Tallest Man on Earth: Top Albums of 2010@Pabst Theater 5/25/10

Temple: @Lothlorian 12/3/10

Terrior Bute: House Show 8/23/10

Tiny Murders: House Show 8/28/10

Toro Y Moi: Top Albums of 2010

Trapper Schoepp & The Shades: @WhyNotWausau? 8/14/10

Twin Sister: @High Noon 7/19/10

Vacation Dad: House Show 1/7/11Nacho House Show 9/7/10Cheese House Show 5/8/10

The Weather Duo: UA Showcase 7/6/10

Weed: iChat with Willy Anderson

White Hinterland: Top Albums of 2010

Wintertime Carousel: Percy Fawcett PostUA Showcase 7/6/10

Yellow Ostrich: UA Launch Show 5/17/10

Yohuna: House Show 1/7/11

Young Man: House Show 8/23/10


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