Photographers + Breathe Owl Breathe || The Sett 4.17.11

Maren of Photographers

Last night, I wandered into the brand new Union South for the first time to see two of my favorite regional folk bands, Photographers and Breathe Owl Breathe. The show was put on by WUD Music and Art Committees in the venue, The Sett, as the first “Gallery Jam” in the new space.

Photographers from Chicago played first. Last time I saw them at the Bassment last winter, I was sitting around their feet all bundled up under the lights of the Mercury. This was a much different atmosphere, but their enchanting folk sounded equally as charming, though much bigger. Maren’s voice is simply breathtaking.  Her range is spectacular and the control she keeps over her pitch.

Andréa and Micah of Breathe Owl Breathe

That was something both bands had in common– amazing female vocalists. Breathe Owl Breathe’s female vocalist (also cellist, & various other instrument player) Andréa had such a strong, opera-esque voice.  The band played a great set, as expected.  They are one of the most fun to watch bands in my opinion.  Each of the three members plays a variety of instruments, giving the band a very full sound.  The guitarist, Micah, and Andréa use props such as wolf hats and scuba gear to accompany the adorable stories told through each song.  I really enjoyed the song, “Swimming” with its simple, charming chorus and “wushing” sounds.  Of course it’s alway great to see Micah cannonball off of the stage at the end.

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