Urban Agrarian Presents: Bassment Show 4.9.11

Saturday, April 9th, Urban Agrarian presented Blessed Feathers, Dastardly, Conrad Plymouth and Jeremiah Nelson at the Bassment. This a unique microphone-free show and a beautiful, warm night drew an attic full of Madisonians.  There was an intimate feel to the night as the bands interacted with the audience and vice versa.

Blessed Feather’s set was amazing.  They had such a good live folky energy.  They played a bunch of new songs on an album they hope to release soon.  Their last album can be found at their bandcamp here.

Dastardly was the one band I hadn’t heard before this show.  They played a really fun set, continuously interacting with the audience.  Though their myspace says they are an “Americana” band, they definitely had a bluegrass feel which mixed beautifully with the warm weather.

Conrad Plymouth quieted things down as the only one-man act of the evening.  His music invited people to sit down and really listen to his lyrics and acoustic guitar strumming.  At one point, he had the audience sing along which, in that setting, had a powerful effect.

Jeremiah Nelson played last, and having missed his sold out release show the other week at the Frequency, I was really excited to finally hear the songs from his new album, Drugs Make You Sober live.  Jeremiah said he felt really exposed doing a mic-less set, but his music sounded great.  Considering his album is pretty rock-and-roll, playing acoustic really changed the tone of it.  Jeremiah was joined by another guitarist and a violinist.  The effect was gorgeous and captivating music to end a great show.

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