SXWI || 3.17.11

Just over two weeks ago, we were setting up for the first ever Wisconsin unofficial SXSW showcase down in Austin, Texas.  The showcase was presented by Urban Agrarian, two fellow Madison-based music blogs, Mezzic and Rock of the Arts, and local music promoter Wyndham Manning.  We arrived around 10am to start setting up– the stage around back of the Rainey Manor; the grill and Wisco microbrew garden a few houses down a gravel alley behind the Lustre Pearl.  Katie from Rock for the Arts, and we made a run to a nearby grocery store to pick up a cart full of almost 300 brat buns and the rest of the grill fix-ins.  We arrived back at the site just in time to see Corcovado’s acoustic set.

Here are some photographically depicted highlights from the rest of the day:




Group of the Altos

Check out the full gallery after the break!

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