Basement Show 1.22.11

Maren & John, Photographers

John, Photographers

Having missed Photographers the last time they came through Madison last fall due to a seasonal cold, I was was happy to hear that they were coming back to play a house show in the attic better known as “The Basement”. The group recently doubled in numbers to make four- John, Maren, Zivi, and Kelsey. Throughout their set, Maren switched between clarinet, ukulele, all the while layering ethereal vocals while John worked the keyboard, sang and played guitar. Zivi played a Rhodes electric piano and Kelsey, the vibraphone. The variety of instruments and sounds the foursome created filled the chilly, tapered-ceiling space with beautiful, playful yet heartfelt indie folk.

Corcovado played next.  As usual, the boys played a great set filled with lovely harmonies and the best classical guitar and melodica Madison has to offer.

Kenny, Pioneer

Pioneer’s set was a bit more upbeat than usual as Roger, their drummer, was able to join them. Each song took on a whole new life set to a beat. The space/atmosphere suited Pioneer’s Michigan-influenced folk (the best kind) perfectly. This show encompassed everything that makes Madison great to me– sitting in a cold attic being warmed by great folk music amongst friends–new and old–and perhaps a microbrew or two.

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