Small Houses+Pioneer @ProLo

Despite seeing Pioneer dozens (okay, maybe just one dozen) of times this year, every show has managed  to be special for one reason or another – a new song, a new venue for instance. In this case, it was a new member, an addition I had been anticipating for some time. From the first time I heard Chad Luecke’s music as Porcelain Grin this summer, I was enthralled with his songs. So when I heard he’d be playing with Pioneer, I was anxious to hear the result.

It was all I expected and more – after a couple solo tunes, including a cover of the Big Star classic “Thirteen”, Kenny and Jacque joined Chad on stage for a rendition of his tune “Black and Blue” that included harmonies and a ripping cello solo. The three came together and produced something bigger then the two acts alone could, and Pioneer began to utilize the power of three-part harmony. This show seemed to mark the beginning of a new chapter in the music of all three, and we will have to see where it leads.

Next up was Jeremy Quentin, aka Small Houses. If you saw my earlier post and watched the tune he played out on Lake Mendota, you know what he’s all about. If you didn’t, listen to this tune he played at the show, “Kayce (You are the North”, which, while about a friend, seems to reflect his own experience of moving back to his native Michigan. Small Houses is an act to watch out for if you dig folk music. Jeremy’s got things to say and the guitar and vocal prowess to make you want to hear them.

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