Yohuna+Vacation Dad+Pioneer House Show 1.7.11

Only a few hours after I returned from my winter break hiatus in my hometown, Spencer was helping me rearrange my living room furniture to prepare for the first Urban Agrarian show of 2011. Vacation Dad and Yohuna (aka Andy and Jana) arrived with a van full of heavy equipment straight from the indie capital of Wisconsin.  Luckily, I got out of carrying equipment up three stories due to a recent wisdom teeth extraction. After going through all that work, it was questionable if the show would even yield and audience. Vacation Dad, itching to start creating what he referred to as “phatt beatz”, played an improvised set for Spencer, Jana, Conor and I that you can hear here. As soon as he finished, the house show regulars knocked on the door and the ratio of musicians/bloggers to everyone else lowered to a more acceptable level.

Jana set up her keyboard and introduced herself to her first live audience as “Yohuna“, in the most adorable way possible — and as the former member of the all-girl trio, Feathe, we wouldn’t expect anything less. Yohuna‘s innocent, beautiful vocals over beats produced by Andy mixed to produce a chillwave, drone pop sound– much different from Jana’s former projects. You can listen to Yohuna‘s newly-released album, Revelry on her bandcamp here.  Unfortunately for us, Yohuna will be headed back to Albuquerque, NM for one more semester, but it will be interesting to watch her new project grow.  Hopefully she’ll come back and play another UA show this spring.

Due to popular request, Vacation Dad took over the amps for another set filled with his “hits”. Jana even joined him for the last song, “Ihopeyrfavoritecoloriseverywhere”. S Something about the crowd or the atmosphere didn’t quite merit a full-on dance party like previous Vacation Dad shows I’ve enjoyed though–it was more of a chill experience.

Pioneer played the last set, completely switching up the musical genre of the evening. Kenny and Jaque played two new songs– one cover of Des Ark and one original. Jaque showed off her singing abilities, accompanying Kenny vocally for the Des Ark song. They followed those two songs up with their well-rehearsed hits.

Check out more photos below.

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1 Response to Yohuna+Vacation Dad+Pioneer House Show 1.7.11

  1. Izzy says:

    my painting looks great – were there any potential buyers?

    p.s. good pics.
    p.s.s. cool house

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