Small Houses on the Lake

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Jeremy Quentin, who plays under the name Small Houses, at the Project Lodge. After his heart-felt classic folk set I felt compelled to ask if I could film one of his songs before he left town since the lone lamp in the Prolo led me to keep my 7D in my bag that night and just take in the music. Jeremy seemed thrilled by the idea, and we enthusiaticly agreed to meet up the following afternoon.

The prior weekend, Amanda and I had been out on the frozen lake to shoot some photos, and she suggested I film Jeremy playing out there. I loved the idea, and turns out he did too. So we braved the cold and ventured out to the middle of lake Mendota with my friend Conor Furey-King running sound. The fact that he played a song called “Late July” on a frozen lake in late January is pretty ironic, but the song is anything but. The whole thing turned out to be pretty appropriate, as you may be able to glean from Jermey’s introduction and its connection to the setting. This video is the first take we did, and though Jeremy insisted on doing another because he messed up a bit and the audio picked up a lot of the footsteps, I just had to use it.

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