Temple + Animals in Human Attire 12.3.10

Jamie Yanda and Cassidy David-Weber of Temple

The Milwaukee trio Temple (formerly Arto) returned to Madison with friends Animals in Human Attire last Friday to play a rowdy show at the Lothlorian Housing Co-op. I was there, armed with my new old Canon A2 35mm film camera. People say film is dead, but it’s just so much fun. I shot a couple photos of the show that I’m happy with, but wish I could have captured some audio or video of how lively these guys were. I know I always say they play an energetic set, but they really do, and this time the crowd was into it too. Animals in Human Attire were at their liveliest as well, with an even bigger (and drunker) crowd by the time they got setup. Frontman of the group Jack Tell’s admission “I took acid last night” got a big response out of the crowd, and a set of classics with a couple new ones, as well as Jack playing a Telecaster instead of the usual acoustic guitar gave it a different feel as well.


Cassidy playing cowbell during the Animals set

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