Urban Agrarian Approved Halloween Festivities

The next three nights hold an abundance of excellent live music in the Madison area. Tonight Urban Agrarian is proud to present our last show at the Gates of Heaven Synagogue this year featuring sets from Blessed Feathers, Cedarwell, Pioneer, Dan Mitchell and Steev Baker. Show up at 7pm for an evening of music by some ofWisconsin’s finest folk artists.

Cedarwell from the Gates of Heaven show in May (above). Jamie Yanda from The Basement show last week (below)

Friday night we’ll be starting off our Halloween weekend at the Friday Freak Fest taking place in a dark, dark dungeon on west Washington Ave.  A couple of the acts from last Friday’s awesome show in The Basement, Corcovado and Jamie Yanda, will be returning for this show. Also playing will be hard synthin’ Terrior Buke from Milwaukee. You can hear the set Jamie played on our WSUM show last Friday here (beware: the first song contains the use of Jamie’s “Smigel” voice, an extremely scary and Halloween-appropriate vocal styling). Just a reminder that our show is every Friday at 11am. Tomorrow we’ll be joined by Blessed Feathers, so tune in!

If you’re looking for some alternative Halloween festivities on Saturday night, be sure to stop by the International Co-op for a set by Pioneer. We don’t have to tell you how much we love these guys. Watch them be rowdier than usual in funny costumes.

Pioneer from The Basement show last week (left)

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