The First Basement Show 10.22.10


On a lovely palindrome of a date, October 22nd 2010, a much anticipated inauguration of a sort of new music venue took place in Madison, WI. Finding a new house for house shows is no small triumpth in a tight-knit scene like Madison’s, and finding an ideal place whose conception started more than six months ago calls for a great celebration. “The Basement” is an attic on Madison’s near east-side that sits above the bedrooms of 1/2 of Corcovado. However it looks more like a barn than a either a basement or attic with its tall ceiling with exposed beams. It provided adequately spacious for the crowd of friends that gathered Friday night to experience the first show there.


Fittingly, Corcovado opened the show by playing songs that they had been creating and practicing in that space all fall. Playing with a home-team advantage seemed to propel Corvado’s sound to new levels of  beauty as their harmonies resounded from the highest peaks of the open ceiling. The group made an interesting turn in their live performance by ending with a cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen” that didn’t include one of the group’s founding members, Austin Hays. It’s been interesting to see the evolution of the way these guys play together and how their musical chemistry allows for different arrangements in live performances.



Next up was Pioneer, whose regular playing around Madison this fall has resulted in a comfortable yet fresh live show whenever I see them play. They’ve really perfected their sound, though the lovely acoustics of The Basement surely didn’t hurt the combination of guitar, voice and cello. Kenny Monroe’s ability to come up with interesting and catchy riffs that fit into compelling song structures is matched by Jacque Kursel’s consist ability to come up with cello parts that accentuate the riffs and fill out the song. Below is their newest addition to their live set, “I Don’t Have Time Now”.


Jamie Yanda

By the time Jamie Yanda got up front to play I believe it was near or just after midnight, and I can’t think of a better time of day to hear his haunting tales of life and love. Jamie’s solo performance brings his immense energy present when playing with his band Temple to an acoustic setting, still managing to rock pretty damn hard without bass and and drums to back him up. The in-depth imagery present in his music tends to give way into a distinct narrative, unabashedly revealing heart-felt emotions. Below see him play an excellent of his solo work, “Football on Stage”.

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4 Responses to The First Basement Show 10.22.10

  1. Steven says:

    This space looks gorgeous! What a great area to throw house shows.

  2. deltron says:

    cool spot, wheres it at?

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  4. hey! we are looking to throw a show for saturday, we had one booked at the wisco, but my friend doublebooked us.

    any help would be appreciated.


    -rachael 773 213 9822

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