Peter Wolf Crier 10.9.10

Saturday, October 9th, Peter Wolf Crier played their first headlining show at the High Noon Saloon. Milwaukee’s Conrad Plymouth and Madison’s Jeremiah Nelson opened.

This show had some tough competition for turn out as it was both UW-Madison’s Homecoming and Collections of Colonies of Bees was playing their final show with the original members at the Terrace.  However, the crowd was surprisingly full- and rewarded for their choice.  Conrad Plymouth played some good ol’ Wisconsin country-folk as the Madisonians trickled in.

Jeremiah Nelson put on an amazing show.  I was impressed with his live band set-up and stage presence.  Jeremiah played acoustic guitar, harmonica and sang while his band backed him on drums and bass.  It was a toe-tapping set which mixed well with a Wisconsin beer and the Madison crowd.

Jeremiah Nelson

Having seen Peter Wolf Crier twice previously this year as they’ve been touring around to promote their nearly-one-year old album, Inter-Be, I pretty much knew what to expect.  That being said, I wouldn’t miss a PWC show because they never disappoint.  Both Peter Pisano and Brian Moen always finish every show with an encore and dripping with sweat.  They work hard on stage.  I finally purchased their album on vinyl to add to my collection, and upon listening after the show, I appreciated even more the variety added to their songs for live performance.  Peter plays both guitar and foot-organ and Brian is probably the best drummer I can think of.  After they played all of the songs off of Inter-Be, they exited the stage to chants of “Encore”, to which they jokingly added from the back of the crowd.  The two got back on stage for an encore of “Place to Be” by Nick Drake (which, as they mentioned on-stage, Urban Agrarian has a video of from their performance at the Terrace this summer).

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  1. iheartfilm says:

    Love that black and white.

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