Birthdays + Vacation Dad House Show 9.7.10

Vacation Dad

Vacation Dad from Eau Claire and Birthdays from Boston capped off their West coast tour together at “Out of Body: A Night of Jangle Pop and Chillwave”- a house show on E Gorham on Tuesday, Sept 7th. At first, I was a little put off by the show because we walked in on a well-lit, small, slanted-ceiling room filled with alt-kids nodding their head to electro-chillwave accompanying the film “Procreation in the Wild”. Well, whatever, at least I had my trusty flask of Old Crow.

But alas, the night lived up to my expectations. The last/first time I saw Vacation Dad play was when I accidently stumbled upon an all-out dance party going on in the basement of a house in Eau Claire. It was one of my favorite shows this summer– read about it here. But this time, we had both Vacation Dad AND Birthdays– talk about a party. Birthdays played first; his set, an energetic mix of Animal Collectivesque-woots and built up electro dance beats. The emotions that come only after a successful tour of bonding and making people dance is coming to an end translated into an extremely high energy show- with Andy, of Vacation Dad, getting behind the mic with Birthdays for the last track.

Vacation Dad’s set followed and built on the energy of Birthday’s set.  At least 1/3 of the people in the room were dancing (which was good for the crowd).  Andy talked more in between songs than I remember from the last show- asking the crowd to sing along for songs such as “Hemp Scented Body Lotion” and dance because it is the last Birthdays/Vacation Dad show.  He explained before his last song that it was about the confusion he had felt when this girl that he liked and who liked him back didn’t want to be in a relationship.  At the end, as the beats started, he added, “We’re dating now and we’re very happy,” to the applause and cheers of the crowd.  The show went out on a high note after that, and left everyone wishing that the party would continue all night.

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