WUD Gallery Jam with Julian Lynch 9.10.10

Here’s what went down: art, hors d’oeuvres, and some chill jams at the Memorial Union’s Main Lounge on the second floor. The event “WUD Showcase Gallery Jam” was sponsored by WUD Art and Music committees as a way to kick off the new school year and to recruit more members.

Though the beginning of the event consisted mostly of current members of both committees trying to see how many syrupy raspberries they can get out of the punch bowl and stuffing their faces with taco dip (free food– awesome), once Julian arrived, the chill vibes took over and the event went down with a success. Apparently now a Gallery Jam series is in the works to bring together local experimental music and the latest Union Gallery showings.
Current Union Gallery installations: “June in Gloom” and “On the Flip Side”- check them out!

(More photos after the break)

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1 Response to WUD Gallery Jam with Julian Lynch 9.10.10

  1. brigid says:

    where are my boots?! they were my favorite part of the night.

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