One Big House Show 8.28.10

The Lineup:

1. maggie shafer/the donner party/dan mitchell
2. porcelain grin/austin hays/pioneer
3. tiny murders/the blessed broke/julian lynch

That’s a whole lot of music to cram into an evening, and a living room (hence a good deal of spill-over onto the roof).  Nine mostly midwest bands of genres ranging from acoustic-f0lk to psychedelic pop gathered and brought friends to Madeline Elledge (from The Donner Party) and Jacqueline Kursel’s (from Pioneer) east side apartment on August 28th for the biggest house show lineup all summer.

Here are some photos from the event:

Dan Mitchell

Porcelain Grin


Austin Hays

The Blessed Broke

Julian Lynch

Tiny Murders

Long live the house show!

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7 Responses to One Big House Show 8.28.10

  1. The King says:

    !! you guys should have sent me a FB message. I would have loved to have gone to this!!!!

    -myles c.

  2. kenny monroe says:

    i could have sworn i invited myles on fb!! maybe i missed him. sorry myles!

  3. jana says:

    FEATHE #2????????


    • akievet says:

      There will never be another Feathe… we miss you guys. But there always seem to be a shortage of girl bands around here

  4. jana says:

    yeahyeah, who are these girls?
    want mp3s.

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