House Show: Young Man 8.23.10

Young Man

Sweat merrily rolled down my back–condensation-coated tall boy PBR in hand– as 20-somethings with tattoos and suspenders bopped around in an over-capacitated living room to the sound of ear-splitting drums and incomprehensible vocals.  Such is the joy of a summer house show on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin.  The night was kind of spur-of-the-moment for me– having found out about the show only hours prior as Adam Tierney, a friend to Young Man- the main act- stopped over to Spencer’s to borrow a microphone and convinced us to go.  Sure, who isn’t down for a Monday night house show?

Terrior Bute

Terrior Bute, made up of Milwaukee boys Henry, Ryan, and Jeff, began the night banging out loud new wave/punk using keyboards, synths and heavy drums.  It was a high energy show–even involving window climbing at one point.  The constant battle between drum and amp volume carried throughout the show, and unfortunately caught the attention of Madison Police Dept.  Following their set, the cops stopped by and gave a warning, which resulted in all the non-smokers being told to head back into the house in order to avoid later police intervention.

Young Man, from Chicago played second.  I was really excited to see them play for the first time-especially in such an intimate setting.  I got a preview copy of their debut EP, “Boy”-out October 12th on Frenchkiss Records- and thoroughly enjoyed the playful, indie-pop, MGMT and Animal Collective-influenced sound of the group.  Unfortunately, after only a couple of songs, law enforcement showed up, the music stopped, and the fun was cut.  However, I’d say one and a half sets of non-music-venue jams are better than most of my other options on a given night.

Young Man- “Up So Fast”

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