Peter Wolf Crier on the Terrace 7.25.10

Although sunsets and good concerts on the terrace are both staples of summer in Madison, it’s rare that both occur simultaneously, with the quality tunes usually happening after dark. However, Sunday’s triple bill of Peter Wolf Crier, The Builders and the Butchers, and Heartless Bastards required an earlier start time to finish up at a reasonable time for a week night. While I normally wouldn’t be psyched on my favorite band of the night playing first, getting to see Peter and Brian rock out in front of a beautiful lake Mendota sunset was incredible.

It’s no secret that Peter Wolf Crier is one of my favorite new bands, and apparently the rest of Madison likes them enough to turn out to see them for the third time this  year. The dynamic duo has gotten their set tight on this tour, blasting through the highlights of Inter-Be with few lulls in the action. The evolution of this band has really come full circle in the last year. The songs that became Inter-be went from just Peter’s demos of vocal and guitar parts with Brian there to record them and produce it. Being the amazing drummer he is, BMoen went ahead and added full drum parts. Before long, the two of them had made an album with a full-band sound, including organ, bass, and piano as well as their drums, vocals, and guitar.  They then had the task of adapting the album to a live performance, which included Peter playing organ pedals with feet and extensive looping. Now, after months of playing shows, they’ve thrown in more twists to the live performance. Peter added extended guitar intros to some songs with delay and heaps of feedback, while giving songs like”Demo 01″ a little more of an inside voice. The duo went  out with a hard hitting cover of Nick Drake’s “Place to Be”, documented below.

Audio of Peter Wolf Crier at the Terrace

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