Daredevil Christopher Wright at the Terrace 7.24.10

Regardless of who’s playing, a summer night in Madison, WI brings the whole city out to the Memorial Union Terrace for endless pitchers of Wisco brews, the iconic sunflower chairs, and a sunset reflecting over lake Mendota, as the last of the sailboats get returned to the piers. This weekend, however, was filled with exceptionally great music so this is the first of two posts documenting the real reason why Madisonians choose to bear with the yearly winter hibernation.

Friday night began with Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps from Minneapolis.  They played your typical singer/songwriter folk-acoustic with Caroline Smith on vocals and guitar and Colin Hacklander also on guitar (though they’re usually a four person ensemble).  Overall, they had the look of a hip MPLS band with the sound of a southern folk band– complete with matching nose rings. (Website/Myspace/Daytrotter)

The Daredevil Christopher Wright began their set, as usual, with the song from which they derived their name.  While I could go on and on about Daredevil’s quirky musicianship and their catchy songs (which I’m still humming), you can read about that from the last show we went to in Eau Claire here.  It was a fun show for the Terrace as they got everyone dancing and singing along to “The East Coast”.  At the “end” of their set, a few people from the audience shouted for an encore and the Sunde brothers + Jesse Edgington complied without too much fuss, stating, “we’re easy…” and finishing off a high energy set with “Stewardess”.  (Website/Myspace/Daytrotter)

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