Strand of Oaks House Show 7.16.10

Friday night, July 16th, Strand of Oaks, a.k.a. Timothy Showalter, played in the basement of a house on the east side of Madison for an intimate crowd of around 20 people.  Upon entering, we were greeted by a kitchen full of homemade cupcakes, cookies and watermelon.  After making our way down to the basement, where Tim was chatting with fans and old friends alike, I had to wonder, “Would he remember us from the house show at my place about a month ago? (after the amount of Old Crow consumed by all that night)”  The answer was yes, to my amazement.  “I’m a second grade teacher, of course I remember you guys,” he said with a smile and then assured us a very different show this night than the last.

Tim commenced by showing off his “new toys”- an addition to his extensive collection of foot pedals, which he definitely didn’t have at his last, very acoustic, show.  He played an extensive set full of mostly sad music, but kept the tone upbeat by making jokes and comments in between songs.  This was my favorite of Tim’s performances that I have seen.  The pedals and looping made his music much larger and gave it a full-band sound, yet it retained the intimate feel that one gets watching a man sitting on a chair, strumming his guitar.

His set list included numerous tunes off of his new album, Pope Killdragon. Some of these songs he’s played live many times before like the haunting “Sterling”, which he seemed to have perfected with his looping as well as getting the entire basement to sing along.  He also played a few covers including “Cortez the Killer” the first Neil Young song he has played live. He acknowledged the significance of it because of “how much I rip off of this guy”.

The show was, per usual, well documented with our team of DSLRs, so look out for a video soon!

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