Dawes 7.4.10

I went to Daytrotter‘s Codfish Hollow Barn to see Dawes play. I didn’t go to report back on the other bands that played, to get the big scoop. And while that was kind of selfish of me, Rock of the Arts and Radio Free Chicago have that if you want it. This was easily the most documented show I’ve ever been to. Daytrotter is a big deal in the middle of nowhere (in the most awesome way ever), so anyone making this trek on the Fourth of July is obviously going to try to keep a little part of it forever. While I am usually first in line trying to do this, I didn’t really come fully prepared and after seeing the crew Daytrotter had documenting everything, I decided to give my blogging ambitions up for the night and just enjoy the show (I couldn’t even tweet it due to the lack of cellular reception out there!). This was a great decision, as I spent my Fourth of July in the best way possible, with good friends, good beer, listening to good music, and nothing else.  I did, however, manage to flip on my audio recorder that was haphazardly residing in my backpack in a corner of the Barn and record about 90% of Dawes set. The quality isn’t up to par either, but this bootleg is not something to introduce you to Dawes, or to make you like them all of a sudden. It’s for those of you who alredy have seen Dawes and just can’t get enough of the American rock n’ roll band that kicks ass every night of the week.

Live on the Fourth of July

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