Impressions of the Past 7.9.10

As mentioned previously, we have a radio show called “Impressions of the Past” which airs every Friday morning at 1am on WSUM 91.7 Madison Student Radio.  You can listen to the show live every week by clicking here and streaming live.  But if you’re unable to catch our show every week, we’re going to hopefully be a bit timelier about posting our shows to the site.

Download our show by clicking right here!

Here’s what we played:

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
Bloody Beetroots/Steve Aoki- Warp 1.9
Atlas Sound- Walkabout
Len- Steal My Sunshine
Dawes- When My Time Comes
CCR- Up Around The Bend
Alex Bleeker & the Freaks- Summer>Epilogue
The Grateful Dead- One More Saturday Night (Live)
GAYNGS- Last Prom on Earth
10CC- Cry
Kenny Monroe- hennessy and whipped cream
R. Kelly- Remix to Ignition

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1 Response to Impressions of the Past 7.9.10

  1. kenny monroe says:

    oh shit!!! you played my song!!! it’s called “hennessy and whipped cream” by the way. sweet, right before r. kelly, so choice.

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