Paleo and Dovekins at ProLo 6.29.10

“Paleo is literally the best act i’ve ever seen, it is the biggest mistake of your life not to come to this show (bring everyone you’ve ever met). not kidding. plus it will be fun. don’t let yourselves down, come to the show.” –Kenny Monroe

These were the words (via facebook) that I heard before deciding that it would be worth it to jump through the hoops of getting off of work and biking like mad in order to make it to the second half of Paleo‘s show with Kenny Monroe, Austin Hays, and Dovekins at the Project Lodge on June 29th.  I made it in time for Paleo’s set and sat with the rest of the crowd in anticipation for ‘the best thing ever’.  His girlfriend played a couple of heartbreaking acoustic songs before him and concluded her mini-set with the passing around of a half-eaten pita sandwich for the crowd.  This basically sums up the community feel of the Project Lodge that night- a good mix of crunchy bare-footed hip kids just sitting on a floor sharing a sandwich and listening to acoustic lullabies.

Paleo’s set just about lived up to the impossible expectations.  Although he is known for having written and recorded a new song every day for an entire year, quality definitely prevailed over quantity during his set.  Equipped with an acoustic guitar and his raspy voice, Paleo’s set nearly induced tears.  After a few solo songs, he was joined by the members of Dovekins who used their wide variety of instruments to jam along to Paleo’s songs.

Dovekins played last and got people off the floor with their zany stage antics and bizarre instrument usage.  They used everything from stand-up bass to electric fan to flute and accordion to create a carnival atmosphere of sound.  The basis of their music was definitely folk, in that every song told a story with dramatic changes and musical swoops throughout (though their myspace calls it “psychedelic/western swing/bluegrass”).

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