Incredible Fortress Pre-Tour Basement Show 6.26.10

It was one of those unbearably humid Wisconsin nights when you welcome the rain because the air is so dense with heat and moisture you’re already drenched in your own sweat just by being alive. Kenny Monroe and I were in Eau Claire preparing for the first show of his tour with Paleo that would begin there. I wanted to show him a good time in my hometown, so after the Wintertime Carousel album release show, we headed down to the Water St./Lake St. neighborhood for some beer-drinking good times. As glad we were that the rain had finally cooled off the night, we were stuck inside and getting a little bored. Then we got word of an impromptu house show going down around the corner featuring Incredible FortressCoral Legs, Vacation Dad, and Farms – before they embarked on their epic tour that I was bummed I wouldn’t be able to catch. We booked it over to the house just in time – all the dudes were chilling mad hard and about to lay down some heavy vibes in the unfinished basement. The last thing I can clearly recall is Incredible Fortress putting on their “tour masks”, turning off the lights, and Coral Legs making sounds with light-up buttons, which I managed to document a bit of below.

After this everything got a little hazy, but from what I can piece together, the rest of the Incredible Fortress crew flew everyone in that basement to Dimension X and back in just under an hour. When we emerged, no one was quite sure where or when we had been taken to, but it could not have been a rainy night in a basement in Eau Claire. The rain had subsided and we wandered off into the night, still disoriented from the journey into a tear in the space-time continuum that we had just returned from.

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