Megafaun, Icarus Himself, Sam Quinn at High Noon Saloon 6.17.10

Thursday, June 17th was a night for great alt-folk music at Madison’s High Noon Saloon with Megafaun, Icarus Himself and Sam Quinn.  Sam Quinn, from Knoxville, TN opened with some southern, swaying country/folk bliss.  Madison’s Icarus Himself played next and brought a higher-energy rock-folk set to the lineup.  The three members played a variety of instruments to keep every song interesting.  I had pretty high expectations of this group after listening to their new EP, “Mexico” and can’t say I was disappointed.  According to the band in an interview (which you can get the link to below), they have been working on live performance with the addition of their drummer, Brad.  It definitely paid off in their set.

Megafaun–a band with a dual identity as a North Carolina band but with all members originally from Eau Claire, WI– capped off the night at High Noon Saloon.  By this time the crowd was good and ready to dance in their jean overalls to some “experimental folk”.  After listening to their newest album, “Gather, Form & Fly” non-stop throughout the preceding week, I wasn’t quite sure how the Cook brothers and Joe Westerlund would be able to pull off some of their more experimental songs live, but they did– and with some twists along the way.  Half way through their set, they played what I would call an “Ode to Hopalicious” which sat pretty well with everyone in the crowd I would say.  Unfortunately, I had to leave before the end of their set to get to the radio station for our Thursday night show (well…Friday at 1am show), but I did manage to catch the song that inspired our show’s name.  Check out the video of said song, “Impressions of the Past”, along with an interview with Brad Cook below:

Interview with Brad Cook of Megafaun here.

Interview with the members of Icarus Himself here.

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