Maps & Atlases at Strictly Discs 6.25.10

Friday, June 25, Chicago’s Maps & Atlases had an exclusive early-album release show in the basement of Strictly Discs, off of Monroe St in Madison.  The scene probably couldn’t have been much indie-r.  Only 50 people were admitted to sit amongst the used record collection, sip Schlitz, and sweat it out like we are growing accustomed to during this summer of hot house-setting shows.  Though we arrived late due to unfortunately-timed bike tube punctures, the parts of the show we could catch were worth the adventurous voyage to the west side.

Though usually a 4-member group, Maps & Atlases were joined by a talented xylophone/assorted percussion member, which added a lot to their dance-y, playful indie sound.  With two guitarists, an acoustic bassist, and two percussionists, their sound filled the crowded space with experimental folk tunes.  While their new album “Perch Patchwork” is not set to release until this Tuesday, attendees were able to pick it up on vinyl after the show.

Download audio: Maps & Atlases Live

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2 Responses to Maps & Atlases at Strictly Discs 6.25.10

  1. The King says:

    !!!! this would have been so much fun to go to!!!

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