Myles Coyne + Feathe 5.28.10

The hours of driving and late-night practice put in by Myles Coyne and the Rusty Nickel Band culminated in a well-executed show at in Infinitea in Eau Claire Friday night.  The boys found an adequate balance for their sound, breaking out of the quiet, folky music typically associated with the Eau Claire indie scene,  but not being so loud as to offend the mild-mannered Northwestern Wisconsinites. The six members packed the cranny of the teahouse designated for performance, wielding their “scaled-down” set of instruments including two guitars, a bass, glockenspiel, harmonica, marching band bass drum, snare, tambourine, and hi-hat. After opening the set with the line “I think it’s safe to say/that I hate women”, the band proceeded to get louder and louder with every song. They finished off with a version of “Woody Guthrie” that got so rowdy half the band ended up falling on the floor.

The contrast between the rambunctious folk of the Myles boys and the soft-spoken harmonies that Feathe started their set with was striking, but provided a distinct dynamic that the crowd seemed to enjoy. It has been interesting to witness Feathe’s progression, this being my third time seeing them that month. Each show was more and more legitimate, allowing them to finally use their complete set-up.  The Feathe ladies played their usual set of airy indie songs with drummer Adelyn Strei taking advantage of the full drum set used earlier by the Myles boys.  They also mixed it up by introducing a ukulele into the mix for a couple of newer songs at the end.  The hometown vibe of the tea house filled with regulars made this show yet another example of Eau Claire’s thriving indie scene.

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