Davyd Betchkal

Apparently by now it’s apparent that I’m a sucker for some hd footage of a dude playing guitar. This actually came in handy recently, as I was shown this clip of a mysterious character named Davyd Betchkal because of my reputation for filming similar sorts of happenings. Once the drunken teenage rambling in the background cuts out, I was completely immersed in the vibes conveyed in the clip and the story around it. Davyd was in his hometown of Eau Claire, and ended up at the house of some of his younger brother’s friends. My friend Sofi had the good sense to switch her T1i into video mode and film him playing a couple songs, capturing some genuine music being played in a warm room on a cold Wisconsin night.

After some caffeine fueled internet research (stalking) on Davyd, it appears he plays in Simon Piler, but I don’t know if or where you can find the song in this clip, or what it’s called for that matter.

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