iChat with Cassidy J. David-Weber

Welcome to the first installment of a new series on Urban Agrarian, where we interview people we know over the internet and then post it up here (totally stole this idea from Transworld Snowboarding Magazine circa 2003, they had the same kind of thing printed every month).

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Cassidy when I was in Milwaukee last week. After we had a conversation with Jamie Yanda about the merits of Alice in Chains and Xiu Xiu, Arto practice, and making Jamie’s record, Cassidy got to talking about his own project, Castles. He played me a bonus track off his new record, “I am bugging out” and I was really digging the vibes. After hearing the first track off his record, I was really impressed with his ability to span genres with the music he creates.

Castles – “I am bugging out”

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