Laarks play Volume One’s “Sounds like Summer” concert series 6.3.10

Thursday night hoards of Eau Claire residents turned out to the amphitheater in Phoenix park on the shores of the Chippewa River. Last year I got my introduction to Laarks when they played the series, so it was quite nostalgic to see them a year later in the same spot. In the meantime they got signed to Absolutely Kosher records who released their album nationally in November of 2009. Since then they’ve toured around the U.S., received rave reviews of An Exaltation and written new material. They played a solid set to a hometown crowd excited to be out at one of Eau Claire’s favorite summer time activities. They even included a brand new song in their set, which sounded great for a song that’s not even quite finished yet. Ian Jacoby was sporting wayfarers that made him look a bit like Ray Charles banging on his keyboards, and the rest of the band was sporting jeans shorts – that’s next level entertainment. It almost started raining near the end, but the crowd stuck around to hear them finish off with the near-classic “What God Hath Wrought”.  You can download an audio recording of their set below.

Laarks in Phoenix Park 6.3

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