S. Carey “In the Dirt”

Best known as the drummer, pianist, and back-up vocalist for Bon Iver, Sean Carey is releasing his debut solo album, All We Grow, via Jagjaguwar under the name S. Carey 8.24.10.  One track off of the album– “In The Dirt”–has already been released and it’s play count has quickly escalated on my iTunes.  Starting off with classical piano and Volcano Choir-esque distorted background sound, the song progresses with clapping, experimental percussion and layered vocals that feel like a breath of air.  Flutes and woodwind instruments join the mix, along with twinkling keys, as repetitious, bittersweet lyrics characterize the second part of this 5 minute song.  Then an instrumental portion, which seems to be the end, grows in intensity as claps, cymbals and slamming keys, builds up to the real ending with the same lyrics, but characterized by a different tone.  The musical journey is resolved with fluttering clarinet and fading piano chords.  I strongly suggest listening to this song through quality headphones to get the full effect.

For more about Sean Carey, check out Jagjaguwar’s page here

Download: S. Carey- “In The Dirt”

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