Tallest Man on Earth in Milwaukee

Sweden’s Kristian Matsson- The Tallest Man on Earth- took the stage at The Pabst Theater last Tuesday night, May 25th.  Matsson played a good mix of his older material, including the song that first sparked my interest in him, “The Gardner”, off his self titled EP released in 2006, as well as songs from Wild Hunt, released on April 13th of this year.  With only a microphone, an amp, an antique “throne” and himself with his guitar up on stage, Matsson was able to fill the entire theater with the sounds of his raspy Bob Dylan-esque voice and folky fingerpicking.  Throughout the show, Matsson showered Milwaukee with love as he repeatedly described how excited he was to be back where everyone gave him so much love– even taking some time for an impromptu Q&A with the louder members of the crowd.  His set was long and satisfying, but a standing ovation evoked another 3 song encore- surprising the crowd with an appearance by his girlfriend, Amanda to sing the duet “Give Into Me”.

Tallest Man on Earth at The Pabst 5.25.10

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