Nacho Cheese House Show

House show in Eau Claire featuring Feathe, The Heart Pills, Vacation Dad, and Farms May 8, 2010.

Though we had seen Feathe earlier that day as the last band to play at the Valley concert, they were missing a crucial member, so their opening set at the house show that night was a real introduction to their live performance. I’ll let this video of the trio + Andrew from Vacation Dad be a testament to the beautiful music they make.

Next up was the Heart Pills, who, as I found out while they were setting up, I was more familiar with than I thought. Turns out their lead singer/lunatic Josh Ingersoll was my camp counselor at Camp Manitou back in my younger days.  They immediately took me by surprise with their gritty rock ‘n roll sound, so badass and loud that the cops insisted it be turned off. Holding true to their sound, they went on with their set and finished it off with a unique rendition of their “Craig’s List” song. Unfortunately I had my camera gear away by this point in fear of police kicking everyone out, but I managed to catch this gem of a song.

The rest of the music was played in the dank, dark basement of the “Red Mountain” house, first by Vacation Dad, then by Farms. I lost myself in the hype that was Vacation Dad’s set, way too into it to worry about filming. They morphed right into Farms, equally hype but I figured I’d better document the madness. After I gave in to the heavy vibes, the band ended up passing out pieces of a drum kit and sticks for the audience to play along with.  I was bashing on the floor tom tucked under my arm so hard that I slammed my right pointer finger on it and the nail is still black.

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